Common Questions from Teens About Homosexuality (Part 2)

imagesHomosexuality is an issue our teenagers are facing more and more as time goes on. Our culture says it’s ok, but as Christians, who believe God’s Word, we believe it is sin and not part of God’s design. Our teenagers are hearing both sides of the argument and many of them have questions. In the first post of this series, I answered two common questions teens ask about homosexuality. In this second post I want to answer two more common questions I have heard teens ask about homosexuality.

Is homosexuality worse than other sins? I believe many teens ask this question because they see Christians respond more severely to homosexuality than other sins. We need to be careful our teens don’t see us “categorizing” sin as if some sins are worse than others. An important principle to teach teens is that all sin is equal, but earthly consequences are different. No matter how “big” or “small,” sin is always sin and it will send you to hell unless you repent and believe in Christ. However, the earthly consequences of sin may differ (note I said earthly because the consequences are the same after death-hell). For an example, someone may get angry and become bitter towards another person. That is still sin, but they may not face any horrendous earthly consequences. But someone could go out and murder someone and face major earthly consequences. Both are sin, but the earthly consequences are different. Don’t let teens believe homosexuality is different than other sins. It’s still a sin Christ died for and can forgive. Homosexuals are no worse than other sinners. The ground is level at the foot of the cross and the Gospel covers all sins.

Why do some Christians hate homosexuals? One of my biggest pet peeves is Christians who show no love for people in sin or who oppose their Christian faith. The best example of this, and why many teens will ask this question, is Westboro Baptist. Westboro Baptist is this “church” that has built it’s ministry on expressing what they believe is God’s hate for homosexuals. They picket funerals and waste their time holding up signs that say “God hates fags.” They are not Christian at all and I do not believe they have ever experienced real Christianity or accepted the Biblical Gospel. Many teens see this and get turned off to Christianity because they believe it is what Christianity looks like. Let’s do our best to show teens that true Christianity is loving the sinner and doing whatever we can to share with them the life changing truth of the Gospel! Those “Christians” who hate homosexuals do nothing but make Christians look less like Christ. Please hear me, I’m not supporting homosexuality and saying it’s ok (it’s not!), but I do not believe Christians should hate or treat homosexuals differently. They are real people, like you and me, who have a fallen sin nature and need a relationship with Jesus. Show them Jesus, not hate.

I hope these posts have been helpful to you as you talk to teens about the issue of homosexuality. It’s a growing issue in our culture and we must equip our teens to view and approach it in a way that’s God honoring and faithful to His Word. I hope these two posts on answering teens questions about homosexuality have been helpful. I encourage you to spend time in God’s Word, build your convictions on this issue from that, and in love communicate to your teens about why homosexuality is wrong.

Published by Austin McCann

Austin is the student ministries director at Redemption Chapel in Stow, OH. He has a BA from Piedmont International University and a Master of Arts in Religion with a Christian leadership focus from Liberty University School of Divinity. Austin enjoys reading, writing, playing basketball and golf, and spending time with his family.

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    1. Aaron,

      That’s a tough one. Let me start by saying I probably don’t have a good answer for that question. That’s one that I need to think more about and dig into God’s Word more to find a solid answer. However, my first reaction would be that marriage is an institution set up and designed by God, not government. That’s why we would argue for government to make homosexual marriage illegal. But it gets sticky because I don’t expect nonbelievers to live in accordance to God’s Word. I don’t think it helps to “force” or “push” our beliefs on them. Hope that makes sense. Again, not a great answer and will think more about it.


  1. I have once read a blogger argue that homosexuality is more like an addiction. What do you think?

    1. I do think homosexuality can be a addiction struggle just like pornography, drinking, and eating. As I said in the post, I don’t think it’s something that people can say “I’m born this way.” Everyone is born with sinful natures that crave sinful stuff, and for some that could be homosexuality.


  2. Enjoyed reading this because I have always been baffled by those who teach hate and claim they know Jesus. Here is scripture you might enjoy… Rev. 2:6 …hate the practice of the… Jesus does hate the sin, but leaves room for repentance by refusing to hate the sinner. God bless you immensly above all that you can think or imagine, Kevin

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