Preaching & Teaching

IMG_1276Austin is passionate about bringing Gospel-centered and relevant, Biblical teaching to the local church. His focus is doing this for both students and adult alike. Whenever his schedule allows and it doesn’t conflict with his responsibilities at Redemption Chapel, Austin is always excited to speak at your church, student ministry, event, or retreat. He is also available and passionate about training volunteers in your church to better serve others and make things in your church run smoother. Below you can get a sample of some of Austin’s teaching, what others are saying about him, and a few links to curriculum that he has written.


The Gospel (3 Part Series)
Creation (Video)
Sin (Video)
Redemption (Video)

Overwhelmed (3 Part Series)
Matthew 6:25-33 (Video)
Philippians 4:6-7 (Video)
1 Peter 5:7 (Video)

Dating, Marriage, and Sex (4 Part Series)
Dating (Audio)
Marriage (Audio)
Sex (Audio)
Live Q&A (Audio)

Walking with God Through Pain & Suffering (3 Part Series)
Biblical View of Pain & Suffering (Video)
Purposes of Pain & Suffering (Video)
Things to Remember During Pain & Suffering (Video)

Christian Atheism: Sacred/Secular Split (Video)

Acts: Power of Testimony (Video)

This I Believe: The Bible (Video)


Here’s what others have to say about Austin’s preaching & teaching:
“Austin is a powerful communicator of the Gospel. If you book Austin, you will get a genuine guy who loves Jesus and the Gospel.” Josh Evans, Family Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church.

“Of all the rednecks I know, Austin loves Jesus the most. I love working alongside him in our church. He has a great understanding of the Word.” Rick McKee, Lead Pastor at Redemption Chapel.

“Austin is a young man of God who delivers Biblical messages in a way that is relevant for today’s culture!” Brian Baker, Word of Life Ministries.

“I love Austin’s desire to serve the church by connecting students to the gospel.” Jeremy Pollard, Campus Pastor at The Summit Church.


You can purchase some of Austin’s teaching resources to use in your own ministry at Ministry Downloads as well as Download Youth Ministry. Following are a few links to some of Austin’s resources he has written for LeaderTreks: Hard Times (1 Peter).