“Six Battles Every Man Must Win”

9780842382878     I bought this book sometime last year, but I have never got around to reading it until now. I must say, I’ve only read the first two introduction chapters and it has been amazing! The things that are said by the author, Bill Perkins, are hard hitting and really motivates you to get serious about being a man of God.

     In the first chapter, Perkins deals with finding Christ and living as thought nothing else matters exceptknowing God. This phrase is said many times in this chapter, “nothing else matters compared to knowing God and fighting at His side.” Wow, every time I think about that statement, it really convicts me to live my life fully for God and living to know Him better and to fight for the things He values! Perkins also deals with his own salvation experience in this first chapter. He brings out the point that from the time he was saved until now, there sometimes seems to be a passive attitude that takes root over time. This is what he says, “That experience (salvation) changed my life. What disturbs me is that now, years later, while I still believe that nothing else matters compared to knowing God, I often live as though I don’t believe it. I struggle with spiritual passivity. It eats away at me as convertly as termites in the walls of my house. And I know that most men are weakened in the same way.” Those statements are very real Christian men today, and we must fight against the spiritual passivity that we all face! Perkins ends this first chapter with this simple question and answer, “How can we combat this passivity? We must choose to live with a focus on God.”

     In the second chapter, Perkin deals with the describing the spiritual war that is wagging around us and in us between Satan and his demons who are out to destroy us and God and his angels that are watching over us. Perkin dives into the subject of why is life so hard in this chapter. He says, “The disoppointments of life arn’t intended to strip away at our manhood. God allowed every hardship you’ve experienced to strengthen you by driving you to Him.” I love how Perkins put this because that is something we all need to be reminded of. That God allows hardships in our life to drive us to Him. Perkins also says this, “Yet God allows you to get knocked down by hardship, discouragement, and even defeat as a means of toughing you up for a bigger battle.” As a child of God, God is constantly molding you and growing you into the image of His Son. He has big plans for us, big battles we must face, and God knows that even by putting hardship in our lives, He is getting us ready for something much bigger! Perkin also talks about King David’s mighty men that are talked about in the end of 2 Samuel. It is very interested what the Word of God says about these “mighty” men. 2 Samuel 22:2 says, “All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their leader.” It seems that the mighty men were not always so mighty! God wants to make each of His men mighty and Godly men, but sometime we have to go through the hard times to get us there.

     This is a great book that I would highly reccomment for any young man or older man who is interested in living a strong, Godly life for the Lord. I will post a few more blogs about it as I read this book.