Social Media Parent Resources

LogosSocial media is huge! Teens eat, breathe, and sleep social media. Someone has said that this generation is the “technology everywhere generation.” No matter where or what they are teens are doing, they are usually connected to some social media network. Whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they are hyper-connected and social media has become how they do life. This creates a huge task for parents. The goal of parenting is not just protecting, it’s preparing teens to become Godly adults who make wise choices. So parents must learn how to parent their teens in regards to social media. To do that parents must not watch from the side lines or just protect their teens from having a Facebook or Twitter. They must become missionaries into the teen social media culture. They must know it, navigate it, and be in it.

I did a seminar last night for our CCC parents called “Social Media 101.” In that seminar I shared some resources with the parents and I want to share those here so those parents have a place to get the resources electronically as well as for parents who may have not been at the seminar. We did film the seminar and I should have the video of it posted here on my site next week. Below are resources for parents that will help them understand social media and give them some guidance in how to parent their teens in regard to social media.

Parent Tip Sheet: Common Sense on Social Networking. This is  great handout that explains what social media is, why it matters to teens, and advice for parents regarding social media.

Parent Tip Sheet: Common Sense on Facebook. This is much like the handout above, but focused only on Facebook. It explains how Facebook works, how teens use it, and advice for parents regarding Facebook.

Recommended Facebook Privacy Setting for Teens. This is a great resource that gives the recommended privacy settings for a teens Facebook account. Many teens don’t realize how much personal info they are sharing with complete strangers. This will help parents set up the right privacy controls for their teens Facebook.

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media. Unlike the resources above, this one is not free, but it’s worth paying for. It’s a helpful little book that explains what social media is, how it works, how teens are using it, what teens should know about it, and advice for parents on how to teach their teens to use it wisely. This is the best book out there for parents regarding social media. Click here to read my short review of it.

Community Discussion Guide: Social Networks. This is a creative resource that is designed to help you have a discussion about social media with other parents and even your teen. Includes various case studies and questions that foster good discussion about social media.

If you have any resources that I did not mention above that you have found helpful feel free to share them in the comment section below. Also, feel free to pass these resources along to other parents so they can use them in parenting their teens as well.

Parents vs. Technology Seminar

Last week our student ministries pastor, Todd Iannetta, did a seminar for our parents called “Parents vs. Technology.” During the month of March, both our middle school ministry and high school ministry has been going through a series on sex and relationships. As a ministry we recognize that technology is playing a major role in our students world when it comes to sex and relationships. Todd shared a lot about how technology is going after our students, how parents can fight against technology and protect their kids, and resources that may be helpful for topic. Click here to read more about the seminar form Todd himself.

I want to share the audio of that seminar here on my blog so the parents of our church that wasn’t able to attend can listen to it when they get a chance. Also, I want to encourage parents outside of our church to take the time to listen to this great seminar. I promise you it will be with it and you will find it helpful. All you have to do is click the link below and start listening!

Click here to listen to the Parents vs. Technology Seminar

Freebie: Bible Survey Seminar Presentation

hollybibleA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach a Bible survey seminar to some of our community group leaders. I want to share the presentation I used for that seminar with you as a freebie! You can use this different ways, but it makes for a great resource to teach new believers and current volunteers more about the Bible. One of the major things I focused on in this presentation was the central theme of Jesus throughout the Bible. That is, redemption of man is what the Bible is all about. That redemption comes through Jesus who is the hero and central theme of all the Scripture. Throughout the presentation that was the focus. However, I did spend some time on things like inerrancy, how the Bible was written, how to interpret imprecatory Psalms, how to handle Law, and other various issues that arise throughout Scripture. The community group leaders enjoyed this content and I believe this resource could be a great help to your ministry. Below you will find a link to download this presentation. I have included two links. One that is a PowerPoint file and the other which is a Keynote file for Mac users.

Download the Bible Survey Presentation (Keynote)

Download the Bible Survey Presentation (PowerPoint)

Guest Post: How to Plan a Leadership Seminar for Your Leaders

Recently, we had a leadership seminar with my adult leaders. It was a huge success, and we look forward to doing another one in the future. I want to give you a few thoughts on how to plan an effective leadership seminar for your adult leaders.

Schedule a date early– Many adult leaders have families, and it is important and respectful to plan your seminar early so that they can plan on being in attendance. I would recommend at least 6-8 months out of planning.

Decide what topics you would like to train your leaders on– It is important that you have direction in what the purpose of the seminar is going to be. If it is just to inform them of your ministry, I would recommend calling it something different. When your leaders hear the word, seminar, they will think that it is a meeting on what they can do better to become more effective. So, decide the topic(s) that you would like to address, and promote them to the leaders so that they can prep in their mind for the seminar.

Have a gift for the leaders– We did “small group survival kits” for our seminar. We had a pen, pad, nice cup for a drink, “about me” forms for their students, gum, snacks, etc. It is just a little gift to show them that we appreciate them, and it also taught them a bit about their small group in the middle of it as well.

Have food– Food is essential to make these events a success. Your adult leaders love to eat or else they would not be in youth ministry. Have food for them, and cover the cost of the food if possible to show them your appreciation. Also, just a note, do not have pizza, because they are so accustomed to having that with their students.

Always have a Q & A time– This is usually one of our best times. We allow anyone with questions to ask, and we will have some effective discussion.

End with a group event– We did bowling, and it actually went over real well. This is solely for relationship building! It works great to just kick back, relax, and have fun with one another. You can do bowling, putt putt, or any other activity.

I hope that this helps you. We had all but like two leaders at our seminar, and it was a hit! If you would like to know more about leadership seminars, email me at or leave a comment on this post.

Josh Evans is the student pastor at Union Grove Baptist Church in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Josh is passionate about seeing life change in students and teaching them the Word of God. Josh is an avid blogger, speaker, student pastor, and Duke Blue Devils fan! You can connect further with Josh on his blog, twitter, or send him an email.