Ways to Use Social Media In Your Ministry

d_kow7ihnnw-saulo-mohanaSocial media is a vital part of doing ministry in our world. A ministry that isn’t leveraging social media is missing, in my opinion, one of the most effective ways of communicating with people in our culture. Everyone seems to be using at least one social media network and most people are using multiple ones. So how can we in ministry take advantage of this?

I want to suggest a few simple ways you can use social media in your ministry. Some of these suggestions are things we are currently doing in our ministry while some of them are things we are not doing but other ministries are.

Event Promotion. This is by far the easiest and most popular way ministries are using social media. However, this can be overdone. People want to see more than event promos on your social media accounts. More than likely if all they see is promos for your next event they may stop looking at your account all together or glance over it in the future. So promote your events but do so wisely.

Event Pictures. It’s easy to post promo stuff about your event but it’s another thing to intentionally get good photos from your events to post. People both at the event and not at the event will enjoy seeing pictures. This is also a great way to show people on the outside what your ministry looks like. Be sure to capture good photos. Have someone who is gifted in this area take photos at your events and post them on your social media accounts.

Sermon Quotes. This is a creative way many churches are using social media. It’s also a great way to get the sermon out of the pulpit and into the minds of people throughout the week. Take quotes from the sermon and post them throughout the week. This allows people to be reminded of what they heard but also share God’s Word with other people via social media.

Worship Set. This is another creative thing many churches are doing. Simply post the songs your worship band did on social media. This is a great way to communicate the songs you sang with your people since many of them may love the songs you sing but not know the title. I’d encourage you to search #worshipset and #sundaysetlist on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see some examples of churches doing this kind of thing.

Highlight Volunteers. Volunteers are vital to any ministry. We should always be looking for creative ways to brag on them and a way to say “thank you.” Social media is a great place to do just that. It allows us to publicly thank them and brag on them for a bit. Some churches do a “Volunteer of the Week” type thing. They pick a volunteer every week that serves in their ministry and they post a picture and some thoughts about them. They usually highlight where they serve in their ministry and then give them a public “thank you” for all to see. One of the churches that is doing this very well on a weekly basis is Collide Church. Jump over to their Instagram page to see their “Volunteer of the Week” posts.

These are just a few simple ways you can use social media in your ministry. Be creative and be looking for ways to leverage the power of social media for your ministry.

Suggested Books: Going Social by Terrace Crawford and Social Media Guide for Ministry by Nils Smith (both of these books are a few years old so they may be outdated in some areas in regards to social media).

So You Want to Guest Post On My Blog?

guest-posts.pngOne of the things I love to do here on my blog is open up the opportunity for others to write a guest post. I don’t want my voice to be the only voice heard on this blog. I want the voices of other people on my blog offering up fresh insight into student ministry, leadership, and culture. If your interested in being one of those voices than here are a few things I ask of everyone who writes a guest post for me.

Write a post related to student ministry, leadership, or culture. These are the three major areas I focus on here on my blog. About 90% of all my stuff is written to student pastors and student ministry workers. I’d ask that you either write about something pertaining to student ministry or the other two areas I focus on here on my blog being leadership and culture.

Keep the post between 500-700 words. I don’t like my posts to go over 700 words and I don’t like them any shorter than 500 words. If you write a post for me keep the wording in that frame.

Include a two or three sentence bio. Include a short bio that highlights what you do, where your from, and something random about you like why you do what you do. I will place the bio at the bottom of your guest post. Also, if you have your own blog or website please include a link to it within your bio. I am also ok with linking to your Twitter or Facebook if you allow.

Email it to me in a Word doc. Once you write the post, email it to me at austingmccann@gmail.com in a Word doc. format.

Feel free to contact me if your interested in in writing a guest post here on my blog. You can email me or contact me via Twitter or Facebook. Looking forward to having your voice here on my blog!