Blog Changes for 2012

About three years ago I started this blog because one of my college professors told us we had to. We had to post a few thing on it for a grade. At first, I hated it! I would post something only when I had to. It wasn’t until this past year that I really started to enjoy it and blog consistently. This past year I saw my writing on my blog get better, saw more traffic on my blog, and was able to share my thoughts on important matters. As I go into the new year, I changed a few things about my blog that I hope will make it even better.

URL Change. Yep, that’s right! This blog’s URL is now I wanted to make this change so my blog was not seen as just “another WordPress blog.” I hope by having my own URL it makes my blog look  a little more credible. If you are a big blogger and have no changed your URL to something more of your own, you should! It is cheap and worth it!

More focused writing. This past year I blogged about a lot of different stuff. I enjoyed blogging about different subjects, but I want to blog more this coming year with a focus. The tag line at the top of my blog use to say “Where Ministry and Life Meet.” That tag line truly was a good statement of what my blog was. It is now changed to “Thoughts on Student Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, and Leadership.” Ninety percent of what I blog about will now be under one of those three categories. The reason I am blogging mostly about those three things is because that is where my heart and training is. God has called me into pastoral ministry, specially student ministry, and has given me a heart for Biblical leadership. Also, all my educational training is in these three areas. I studied student ministry and pastoral ministry in undergrad at Piedmont International University (formerly Piedmont Baptist College) and now studying Christian leadership in seminary.

More blogging at other places. One thing I am doing differently this year is blogging for other blogs. I have contributed a few posts already to and hope to continue to contribute posts to that site. Also, I am now a contributor for Youth Ministry 360’s blog. I will still be blogging here, but will be blogging for them as well. The blogs I write for them will go on their site first then will be posted here on my own blog. I hope this allows me to connect with other church leaders as well as get my voice out there as God opens doors for me.

Less pride. I must confess that my blogging this past year, especially in the past few months, has caused me to be prideful. When I started seeing my views go up and started seeing more traffic on my blog it caused some pride. Also, I was getting jealous of other blogs that were getting more views than mine. This led me to spending way too much time thinking about what I should blog about next rather than blogging about what God is doing in my life and ministry. I pray that as I go into the new year I will blog with humility knowing that God has given me this blog to make His name known not mine. In my blogging, He must increase and I must decrease.

I hope my blogs have been helpful to you and I hope they will continue to be helpful to you this coming year. If you are in ministry, I hope my blogs will give you practical advice you can use and share with others.

Recommended Ministry Apps

The other day my good friend Josh Evans posted a blog with some great ministry apps he recommends. I would encourage you to go over to his blog and check out the recommended apps, he recommended some great stuff! I always love when people share resources as Josh did so I figured I would share some ministry related apps I am currently using as well. I have an iPad so these apps will be for that, but all of them are iPhone apps as well. Enjoy!

The Gospel Coalition-If you are keeping up with whats going on in ministry than you know the voices that come through the Gospel Coalition-Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Tim Keller, DA Carson, Mark Dever, and many more! The blogs, articles, and videos on this app are amazing! So much good ministry-related stuff!

Reformed Theological Seminary-One of the top seminaries now have all their course lectures for you for free through this app! Yes, you heard me right, every lecture, from every class, is on this app for you to listen to for free! A lot of people cannot go to seminary for different reasons so if you’re looking for some seminary level lectures and education, here you go! Listen and learn!

Elevation Church-I am a big fan of Steven Furticks’s preaching and listen to him via podcasts a lot. Elevation now has an app where you can listen, and watch, every sermon from every series Furtick has every done! Also, his blog is part of the app so you can keep up with his blog as well as his preaching.

Dropbox-You have to use Dropbox! I recent wrote an entire post on how you can use Dropbox in ministry. Click here to read that full article.

YouVersion-This is by far the best Bible app out there. It has every translation you can imagine and it lets you keep your own notes that will be saved to your account so you can access them from the app or on the website. The downside of this app is you have to be connected to internet most of the time to use it. I would also recommend the ESV Bible app that works offline.

Vyrso-If you like to by e-books and do reading on your iPhone or iPad this app is for you. You can purchase books through this app and it will save them in a library for you. If you use Logos Bible Software this is a must have app for you! This app is made by the same people and if you have Logos your whole library will be saved in Vyrso for quick, easy reading. This is nice because when you use the Logos app it sometimes take too long to load and is complex because its such a huge program. But with Vyrso, its easy to read a book from your library.

Grace to You-I am very big fan of John MacArthur. I use his study Bible frequently and enjoy his preaching as well as writing. Grace to You is his ministry and they now have an app where they keep all the resources. You can listen to almost every sermon he has ever preached as well as watch him teach the Bible. His blog is also on this app so you can keep up with that as well.

Now for some less ministry related apps that might be of interest to you who are in ministry or not in ministry.

Amazon-I do most of my shopping through Amazon. I always buy books through Amazon and recently have been buying others things from them as well. They have this handy app that lets you quickly browse items and purchase them from your iPhone or iPad.

WordPress-If you are a blogger and use WordPress as your platform you have to get this app! I love it! It allows you to keep up with your blog on your mobile device like a charm! It basically is your dashboard where you can see your comments, views, and even edit posts.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google-There is no need to explain these apps, everyone loves social media and google is the number one search engine. Get these apps and use them!

I hope you have found these recommended apps helpful. They all are free and work on both your iPhone or iPad. I would love to hear of the apps you are using in ministry and outside of ministry!